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HAVAS, Gábor Dr.

Gabor Havas Dr. graduated at the Faculty of Law at Eötvös Loránd University in February 1987.

Subsequent to graduation, he started to work at the Legal Department of the Directory of MATÁV (Hungarian Telecommunication Company) in Budapest, dealing mainly with investment cases.

From June 1990 until March 1991 he worked at the department of asset management at the 11th District Municipality of Budapest. During this period 24.000 apartments were under privatization and were becoming condominiums. He actively participated in this procedure.

He passed his bar exams on 25th April 1991 and following that he had joined SBGK Law Office as a member, where he was working with Gyula Gayer Dr., prestigious attorney-at-law.

He cooperated with Budapest Investment Rt. for years, which company dealt with liquidation and crisis management at budgetary organizations.
Until the end of 1997 he was dealing with legal issues in a team providing asset managment, mainly for large enterprises (such as Győri Textilmanufactury, Rekards Művek, Kaposvári Meatfactory, Goldberger Textilmanufactury,Közber Vállalat).

During this period besides the liquidation and bankruptcy cases, he was dealing also with traditional business and property law cases.

From 1991 he started to act in cases on the field of intellectual property law and trademark infringements.

His praxis was broadened with lawsuits connected to right of privacy and liability for damages caused in relation to administrative malpractice.
Simultaneously he dealt with invalidity lawsuits and challenging the validity of contracts related to real estate and personal properties.
From 1994 until 2000 he worked at Gayer & Partners Law Office in the foundation of which, he also participated.
From 2001onward he has been submitting several claims for legal enforcement at the European Court of Human Rights.
Besides several lawsuits in the subject of termination of common ownership, he was the ad hoc or regular legal representative of many condominiums.

As of now, he takes most interest – besides personality law cases – in lawsuits related to invalidity and challenging validity of contracts.

Due to personal and professional reasons he left the bar, and continued to do his legal activity as legal counsel from 2010, and as a legal counsel he provides legal advices and represents medium-size enterprises.

Furthermore as an of-counsel, with more than 25 years routine and experience and his well-known astuteness, he helps the operation of the Law Office and the representation of interests provided for the clients.

He is maintaining currently an intensive and professional cooperation with many colleagues in respect of the interpretation and management of the new legal and economic phenomenon.

Language skills:

  • speaks English