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In respect of the law on information-technology our Office provides the following services to our clients

Our Office is member of ITech Law Association and receommended IT Law firm in Hungary by Global Law Experts.

The information and technology law indicates a field of law involving several complex branch of regulations. Having said that, belongs here – among others – the regulation on informatics services, e-trading, the legal questions arisen in connection to the use of the Internet, and supplementary fields of information services and data protection.

§ Did you know? Should you have a webshop, you ought to have the customers informed which company they conclude a contract with in case of a purchase, and thus it’s not sufficient to provide a company name and a phone number. Furthermore, the customer’ rights have to be indicated, e.g. right of cancellation.

1. Drafting and reviewing contracts

The practice of our Law Office spreads to the whole field of IT, covering the drafting and review of contracts regulating information technology services. We are out our Client’s service in regards of full scale counselling on software development, support and management-maintenance contracts.

Among the work of our Law Office on the field of IT law, drafting, review and wide range of counselling options in connection with project development contracts, corporate outsourcing contracts trough out the fulfilment of a project are focused services.

Discussions in regards of Domain names

As it is expected from a firm on this field, we are at your service in case of domain-debates, representation in front of the Hungarian authority regulating the internet providers (Council of the Internet Providers) and in front of courts, with deep specialised knowledge and high quality provision of services.

 § In what cases may a domain be violating the law? From a legal point of view a domain may be troublesome typically if in contrary to the regulations on trademarks, use of (business) names and further related rights.

We are here to assist in order that the domain you have chosen not to cause any distress and to be in harmony of the law.

3. Counselling on software- and licensing agreements

We are proud to present as one of our specialisation the supervision in respect of activity of the licensee or the right holder in which case the license holder intends to define the terms of software use unilaterally. This occurs typically when the right holder expect the licensee to respect the general terms of use of the software, or when the licensee carries out reckless practice and use software without proper license (permit of use), hoping to avoid any detrimental consequence due to such.

§ Did you know? According to the decision of the European Court of Justice, indexing personal data and listing thereof are considered the handling of personal data, and thus equilibrium of the interest of search engine users and privacy of individuals must be respected. The binding and directly effective decision in the European Union should have important impact on the data handling on the internet.

§ Were you aware of this? In cases, when you are not signing printed license contract, the acceptance and acknowledgement of such, and the from when its stepping into account occurs during installation by clicking/ticking the “Acceptance” option.

4. Representation in front of judicial and non-judicial procedures

Furthermore of the above, our office may be retained for due diligence of telecommunication related business agreements, with either national (Hungarian) or international telecommunication -, internet service providers-, and drafting and assessing of ad-hoc contracts to the same purpose, representation in front of the Hungarian National Media and Infocommunication Authority (NHHR).

In addition, our Office provides legal and business-related counselling. Among our clients software-developers, webshop operators, site managers, and further clients with IT service area are present.

Contact us with confidence, our Office is at you service in case of legal questions on the field of IT law!