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Experienced representation throughout divorce cases either on husband's (dad) or on wife's (mother) side. Facilitating settlement of marital asset related disputes. In case of arguments related to placement of children and keeping contact with them, further cases of determining alimony – taking into account children’s interest – we carry out resolute representation of our clients


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As per legal questions related to IT, I found Gábor and his colleagues professionals, whom one can communicate effectively on technical topics, and they understand what I am actually saying. That is a great deal.
Peter S – back-end coder/entrepreneur

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International divorce

One out of five marriages within the European Union is concluded between spouses of different nationalities. As a direct result, more and more people who have problems in their relationships are beginning to wonder whether it is possible to divorce from their spouses under their own jurisdiction. In our article, we introduce the unique aspects of international marriages, as well as the process of an international divorce.

2021-11-10, Családjogi

Legal aspects of foreign marriages in Hungary

Getting married abroad is becoming ever more common – as a result of the globalized world, people are becoming more and more mobile, and they also get to know a lot more people from different nations. Nowadays international couples are very common, but they also have to choose a place to live: which country are they going to make their home? What happens if a Hungarian citizen marries a non-Hungarian?

2020-09-03, Civil, Family

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