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Gábor Havas-Sághy Dr., registered attorney-at-law by the Budapest Bar Association, IT-communication law specialist and partner of the Law Office

As the youngest spawn of a family with multi-generation of lawyers, he had shown interest towards economics and politics early in his age.

Gained his degree in law and political science with grade ’cum laude’ at the Hungarian PPKE-JÁK, however during the years of studying at the university, he has participated at the summer school of the law faculty of San Francisco University, and spent one year on scholarship program at the law faculty of Radboud Universitat in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Accomplished his traineeship at the Freshfields Bruckhaus & Deringer Oppenheim and Partners Law Office, acquiring valuable experience on the field of international law and handling international clientele. Materials of his Thesis work (subject of which was the Contractual relationship between the European Union and the Andean Community) have researched in the Netherlands and Columbia, and have investigated and studied at the universities of Los Andes and the Nacional de Colombia. In the last year of university, he initiated to work for the Reiniger Law Office, as legal assistant.

Upon graduating with law degree, putting into further practice and multiplying the above experiences he has worked at the Reiniger Law Office, and then at the Gayer and Partners Law Office, where he was fortunate to work together with the prestigious and internationally proclaimed attorney, Gyula Gayer Dr. In the meantime, he has obtained a particular degree on European Business Law LLB with Honours at the University of Abertay Dundee, and accomplished the entrepreneurship development program of Enterprise Gym, part of Business School of the Dundee University.

In November 2010 he has decided to establish his own law office, entrusting, that providing services in the framework of the most important values recognized during his years of experience, i.e. reliability and swiftness, precision and client-friendly atmosphere, further complying with the expectation of modern technology and those inevitable for classical attorney-practice, is the adequate form of this profession.

In the frame of a 2 years old program, have acquired to be a qualified specialist in IT-communication law at the University of Pécs, Hungary.

Language skills:

  • Speaks fluent professional English,
  • bears fluency in Spanish,
  • understands and reads German.


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