In addition to providing general corporate legal services our Office also provides general and commercial representation of companies, such as drafting contracts on certain investments, businesses and on related activities fitting into the company’s profile, also providing expert opinion on such contracts and providing full legal counselling in cases of dispute in both litigation and out of court procedures.


Claim management

Representing our Clients’ interests effectively (both creditor and debtor side), our Office provides receivables management for companies and individuals, effective debt recovery trough order of payment or litigation, possibly trough initiating liquidation proceedings and by providing representation in enforcement proceedings with high level of professional expertise.

During the full representation, following the comprehensive examination of the claim and its precedents, within the framework of a detailed legal assessment we propose a claim enforcement method that is the most effective and appropriate in the given case, based on which our Clients may make strategic decisions that can make the individual recovery procedures successful.

Our Office participates in the claim management and claim enforcement services to ensure the successful business management and outstanding debt reduction, termination, and promotion of fast financial settlement for our Clients.

 Our Office provides recovery of our Clients’ claims and receivables, also full representation in the recovery procedure:

  • sending out attorney’s formal letter of notice;
  • personal consultations, conducting settlement negotiations and conclusion in such cases;
  • initiation of domestic and European order for payment procedures;
  • representation in civil legal proceedings;
  • initiation and monitoring of the execution proceedings;
  • initiation of liquidation proceedings [Link]
  • preparation and drafting of off-court agreements, providing expert legal opinion and legal representation



Due to the fact that the Clientele of our Office primarily consists of acting players in business life, preparation and review of trade agreements and drafts play a key role in the legal services that we provide. Our Office has gained significant expertise in both strategic and operational consulting for the business-commercial operation aspects of companies.

Above all, our primary goal is to draft contracts for our Clients that fit inside their economic profile, and that meet their corporate goals and specific needs. Among the performance of legal representation, our tasks consist of preparation, counselling and drafting commercial contracts – including service, retainer, business and commercial brokerage contracts.

Prior to the conclusion of trade agreements, during negotiations and at the time of preparing the specific contracts – such as business, retainer, supply, delivery and freight forwarding, license and franchise, cooperation and syndicate contracts – our Office provides high quality legal advice, the contracts that we construct meet the current legal requirements at all times, thus ensuring smooth running of the transaction in legal terms.


Labour law

In addition to general representation, our services include day to day management of employment (labour law) matters for small and medium businesses and multinational companies alike, the major areas of which in particular are:

  • counselling and planning to prevent legal disputes;
  • legal advice, drafting expert legal opinions and contracts and reviewing of such contracts;
  • representation in and of-court in disputes arising from labour law, representation before other authorities;
  • preparation and enforcement of arrangements during negotiations;
  • full legal due diligence of companies and
  • preparation of full labour law contract packages.


Protection of intellectual property

Our Office operates with special focus on the protection of individual rights, copyright and related rights, trade marks, as well as know-how and privacy, furthermore those information technology products (e.g.: software, applicaiton, source code), and the practical questions of confidential information with emphasis on business view. We provide full range advice in almost all areas of intellectual property such as trademarks (product and company names, logos, and slogans), patents, design protection, copyright, industrial property and also during legal disputes arising from unlawful usage/infringement. In order to protect intellectual property we provide high level advice on the selection of the form of protection, protection orientation, national and international protection, extension of protection to the EU member states, also in licence and franchise matters.


Legal representation in judicial and administrative proceedings

Our Office provides legal representation out of court as well as before ordinary courts, permanent and ad hoc arbitration for legal entities, entities without legal personality in all matters within the operational scope of our Office in particular economic, civil, commercial and administrative matters;

representation before authorities (eg.: Hungarian Competition Authority, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, consumer protection inspectorates, labour inspectorates etc.)

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