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Changes regarding the rules of joint parental control

Changes regarding the rules of joint parental control

An amendment to the provisions of the Civil Code on the exercise of joint parental responsibility entered into force on the 1st January 2022, according to which the legislator allows the court to decide on joint exercise of parental custody and alternate custody even at the request of only one of the parents, provided that it is in the best interests of the minor child. We hereby introduce the most important aspects of the amendment.

2022-02-01, Family

Legal aspects of foreign marriages in Hungary

Getting married abroad is becoming ever more common – as a result of the globalized world, people are becoming more and more mobile, and they also get to know a lot more people from different nations. Nowadays international couples are very common, but they also have to choose a place to live: which country are they going to make their home? What happens if a Hungarian citizen marries a non-Hungarian?

2020-09-03, Civil, Family