Remote weddings

Is it possible to have a wedding via video chat, or remotely?

Based on traditional ideas and customs about marriage, the idea of marriage without personal presence is absurd. However, in some countries of the world, it has been a common practice for many years to marry by proxy, which allows the parties to marry without being personally present. In the legal systems that allow this, the marriage can be concluded without either party physically appearing before the registrar. In some countries, at least one of the parties must appear before a registrar in person.

It is currently possible to marry by proxy in Japan, Ghana, the Republic of the Gambia. In the United States, this matter is legislated by the states: it is currently legal in Montana, Texas, Colorado, and Kansas. Montana permits a proxy marriage where both parties can be represented by someone else. Due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus, many other countries have also provided this opportunity. Online marriage is legal in some States of the United States, and for example in Pakistan.

The origin of proxy marriage

The institution of marriage by proxy is not a product of modern times, but has a history dating back to the Middle Ages. At that time, it was already possible for the rulers of different kingdoms to take their wives by proxy in view of the obstacles caused by physical distance. This practice was further developed during the first and second World Wars, in some countries couples got married over the telephone.

Is it also possible in Hungary?

It is not yet possible to get married by proxy or online in Hungary, you can only get married in person: both parties must be physically present before the registrar. According to the Hungarian Civil Code, marriage shall be concluded if a man and a woman are both present before the civil registrar and they declare in person that they enter into marriage with each other: these elements are all necessary for the validity.

Marriage must take place in the presence of two witnesses, in public, and in the premises of the municipality - although this latter condition is not mandatory, as the ceremony can also take place at any location chosen by the couple upon request.

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Remote weddings
2024-01-30, Family