We do provide our services during the pandemic crisis – “Corona policy”

To our present and future Clients,


In order to maintain our health and that of our families we kindly ask you to carefully read and note our policy below, which shall remain in effect during the corona-crisis. The purpose of these simple rules is to minimize the risk of spreading the virus, thus enabling us to serve you without any hindrances.


1. Personal meeting with members of our Office shall only be possible for clients who are healthy, and – based on their age or health status – otherwise less likely to suffer serious consequences of the disease. We shall strictly abide by this rule.

Nonetheless, we shall offer our services to all our clients via different digital platforms. Apart from the general e-mail and telephone calls, our clients shall be able to reach us via Skype and other applications capable of conference calls – like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. We shall keep providing all our services as usual, during the whole time of the crisis. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries!


2. We shall abide by the principle of minimal contact during the corona-crisis. This means that unless it is absolutely necessary, we shall avoid personal contact and only provide legal advice via telephone or other calls.


3. In the event that you are sick or have most likely been infected with the virus but you still need a personal meeting or consultation, please contact us. In this case, we will provide you with a flexible appointment for the time of your expected recovery. If you are taking care of a sick or infected relative, or if you are in regular contact with elderly relatives, please let us know so that we can discuss the means by which we shall be able to provide our services for you.


4. In light of the threats posed by the crisis, in case of personal meetings please do not bring anyone else with you. Otherwise, the rules of present policy shall be applicable to such persons as well.


5. The below strict hygienic rules shall apply in our Office:

§ Upon your arrival, please use the cleaning wipes and other disinfection solutions provided in the waiting room.

§ During the crisis, we shall all avoid handshakes, and instead greet each other verbally or with a bow as per your liking.

§ In order to dry your hands, please use the paper towels provided at our office.

§ The pens used for signing the documents we give as gifts!


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


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