Dr. Márk ARATÓ

Graduated in 2018 at Eötvös Loránd University – Faculty of Law. Before starting to study law, he took a degree in International Relations at Eötvös Loránd University – Faculty of Social Sciences in 2012. During his legal studies, he became particularly interested in civil- and financial law, and intellectual property law.

He accomplished his traineeship at Burai-Kovács, Perlaki, Stanka, Szikla and Partners Law Office, where he worked on cases regarding financial law and foreign exchange transactions.

He wrote his legal thesis in 2018. with the title „Questions and regulations regarding software and intellectual property”, in which he researched the connection between the special digital properties of softwares and intellectual property law.

After his graduation, he is working at Havas-Sághy and Partners Law Office since july 2018. as a trainee lawyer.

Language skills:

  • Speaks fluent english, has an accredited advanced type „C” language exam.
  • Speaks and understands spanish, has an accredited type „C” language exam.