Corporate Law

Establishment of different forms of undertakings and conversion thereof, change of company data, prior to transaction due diligence, raise and decrease of capital, founding of off-shore companies and providing related consultation, transformation of company structure and drafting the cooperation between affiliated undertakings.

Professional counselling and representation of undertakings

As in the case of a clockwork, undertakings require fine-tuned cooperation. This is where we would like to collaborate: debt collection; advising on and preparing of trade-transactions; drafting supply and transportation contracts, and handling various issues arising due to the latters; Representing your company in Hungary in front of Hungarian courts and authorities or abroad; providing mediation and representation within Hungary and abroad, against Hungarian or foreign parties.

IntellectualProperty Law

Assisting primarily in acquiring trademark and patent protection, representation due to the infringement of these rights in Hungary, and in procedures in front of WIPO/PCT, OAMI, EPO and USPTO; preliminary inspection patentability and of possible registration of trademark.

InformationTechnologies Law

This area of law yet to be recognised by the majority of lawyers, includes the drafting of terms and conditions of use, counselling and representation in front of specialised and regular authorities in regards of (defective) software liability, software pirating, e-commerce, access to systems and various on-line and/or on-demand services.

Real Estate Law

Representation in regards of and drafting of related documents, acting in front of land registry offices and courts in respect of sale – and purchase -, swap – and transfer of title as gift of real estates, real estate developments and investments, common disputes associated with real estates (unauthorised construction of a building or on a plot, violation of rights of neighbours), tenancy and renting agreements, disputes arisen in respect of mortgage/securities.

Labour Law

Representation and fostering success of claims arisen from classical employment and various State employment forms, may it be the invalidity of termination of employment or claims to be effectuated due to labour conditions not in harmony with the relevant labour regulations.

Various Civil Law Claims

Representation during the course of various tort based claims, infringement of personal rights, enforcing contractual obligations, evaluating damages suffered during medical treatment and representation during such claims.

Heritage cases

Drafting testaments and last wills, safeguarding in deposit, inspecting possible challenging of such documents, further representation and fostering successful claims during succession procedures or in relation thereto.

Law of the European Union

Counselling on the trade-, competition-, labour – and intellectual property law and legal practice of the European Union. These law rules/decisions of authorities and courts mainly directly applicable and may be referred to during the course procedures in front of the authorities and courts of the Hungarian Republic, and the vast majority thereof represent a binding obligation on these authorities and on private persons as well.

Family law matters

Experienced representation throughout divorce cases either on husband’s (dad) or on wife’s (mother) side.  Facilitating settlement of marital asset related disputes. In case of arguments related to placement of children and keeping contact with them, further cases of determining alimony – taking into account children’s interest – we carry out resolute representation of our clients.